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Basic Dowsing Class

Plus 101 Ways To Apply This Ancient Craft

Next class:

Nov 4, 2006  10:00am-4:00pm

Registration fee for this course includes a pendulum, L-rods, a copy of "Letter to Robin" (pendulum dowsing manual), and personal instruction on the following:

  • Brief history of dowsing, current research & recommended reading
  • Types of dowsing (field, map, information) and 101 practical applications
  • Introduction to basic dowsing tools, including: L-rod, Y-rod, & pendulum
  • How to use the above tools and program for simple "Yes" - "No" responses
  • Tips on enhancing dowsing ability & accuracy
  • PRACTICE: including dowsing for water, noxious energies, basic information dowsing (Yes/No), an introduction to chart dowsing, and more!

If you're curious about the 101 uses of dowsing, click here.

Registration fee: $75.00.

To register, call Senzar's office at (928) 204-0592 or email: senzar@sedonaportal.com

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