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back to basics Harness the Power of Your Intuition
Learn about various means of intuitive access and key steps for cultivating your intuition, including preparation and conditioning exercises to broaden your intuitive access range and improve your intuitive accuracy. Gain basic instructions in neuromuscular interfacing (dowsing, muscle testing) and scores of ways to put these intuitive skills to practical use.
back to basics Beyond Dowsing
Dowsing is a fantastic intuitive skill, but falls short in some situations. Learn easy ways to expand your intuitive access-ability and stretch beyond the limits of dowsing.
back to basics Trusting Your Intuition
Learn how to boost your confidence in the accuracy of your dowsing and other forms of intuitive feedback.
back to basics Say Goodbye to Fuzzy Intuition
Fuzzy intuition can lead you astray and plummet self-confidence in your intuitive abilities. Learn scores of simple steps to help improve your dowsing accuracy and the accuracy of other intuitive methods you choose to utilize.
back to basics Dowsing to Find a Needle in a Haystack
Learn how to use dowsing to rapidly sort through scores, hundreds, or even thousands of bits of information to reveal the one or two bits of information that you need to solve your problem or to make the best decision when faced with numerous options.
back to basics Map Dowsing
Map dowsing is a useful skill for water dowsing, treasure hunting, locating noxious energy zones, finding lost objects, determining the best place to move to, and more. In this seminar you will learn a variety of map dowsing techniques and a multitude of ways to put this practical skill to good use.
back to basics Dos & Don'ts of Reading the Future
Future forecasting can be a tricky business and can cost you time, money, and more if you make a bad call. Learn why so many psychics have dismal track records when it comes to accurate forecasting, and what you can do to increase your odds of success.
back to basics Bundle Dowsing & Clairvoyance
Learn how to bundle intuitive skills for exceptionally clear intuitive guidance in problem solving and goals achievement. In this video Michele shares stories from her own life and from client cases where the combining of dowsing and clairvoyance paid off hugely. Learn how to get the same type of results with your own intuitive process.
back to basics The Ancient Art of Scrying
Scrying is a form of divination where a reflective surface or other medium is used to gaze into, with the goal being to jump-start the intuitive process, particularly clairvoyance (clear visioning). Gazing into a crystal ball or a bowl of water are well-known forms of scrying. In this seminar you'll learn the how-tos of scrying and how to put this new intuitive skill to immediate good use.
back to basics 5 Things That Will Mess Up Your Intuitive Clarity
Intuitive abilities like dowsing, clairvoyance, and more, can be tremendously valuable IF the intuitive information that you acquire is accurate. Bogus intuitive reads won't do you or anyone else any good. In this seminar, you'll learn about the five biggest obstacles to intuitive clarity and what you can do to avoid these pitfalls.
Stars, Stones, & Earth's Ancient Past
Learn about the special relationship that was established between the Earth and star intelligences in ancient times and how these super-beings influence our planet and the human species today.
Riding the Stars
In recent years, star intelligences have connected with our planet in record numbers. This activity can cause perplexing symptoms, such as irregular heart beat, anxiety, burning sensations, head and eye pressure, and more. Learn how to navigate this star activity with ease, along with tips for making the most of the extraordinary opportunities that accompany this phenomenon.
Sacred Science of the Ancients
Learn how ancient engineers of the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age periods used stone, mind-power, and the help of the stars to create sophisticated computers that are far more advanced than our current variety and still functioning after 5,000 years.
Ireland's Enigmatic Round Towers
Many people believe that the 1,000 year old round towers of Ireland were constructed as belfries or as places of protection for priests to hide themselves and sacred relics during Viking raids. But if you dowse these sites, you'll find amazing subtle energy activity surrounding the towers. In this presentation, you'll hear Michele's theories as to why these structures were built and how you can recreate the beneficial effects of a round tower in your own backyard
Healing Waters & The Holy Wells of Ireland
Can healing responses really be initiated at holy wells, and if so, what causes the response? A clue: It's not from drinking the water! Tune-in for this enlightening presentation to learn more about holy wells. You'll also learn how you can work with water from natural springs, underground streams, and even tap water from your own home to improve your physical health and overall wellness.
back to basics Total Recall
Review past life periods and themes that are being awakened by current star activity, along with tips on how to make the most of this information.
Spirits on the Loose
Spirit attachments and invasions into your home or workspace can create negative shifts in circumstances, fatigue, headaches, arrhythmia, unfounded grief, anxiety, and more. Learn 5 simple strategies for clearing spirit attachments and helping the dearly departed actually depart.
Energy Vampires
Learn about chakra links and other types of energetic entanglements that can deplete your vital energy, alter your emotional state, put thoughts into your head that do not belong to you, and cause undesirable shifts in your life experience.
Clean Out Your Spirit Traps
When disembodied spirits get stuck in your environment or personal energy field, it can cause health problems, relationship discord, mechanical failures and more. Learn about the 5 most common spirit traps in today's environments and how to easily remedy these situations.
All About Astral Germs
Astral germs can put a halt to your intuitive access in seconds, create mind-numbing brain fog, lapses in memory, and more. Learn where astral germs originate, how and when they infect human energy systems, and how to keep these nuisance frequencies at bay.
What's a Chakra Link?
Chakra linking is a common energetic phenomenon that is similar to networking computers. When this type of entanglement occurs between two human beings, the energetic systems of the individuals involved share lots of information. The impact is profound, and affects physical, mental, and emotional states. Learn about the root cause of this problem, and how to prevent or minimize this troublesome situation.
Upgrade Your Psychic Shielding
Acquiring psychic/emotional goo from people and places can contribute to weight gain, amplified body pains, slow healing results, depression, fatigue, financial woes, and more. In this training session, you'll learn three psychic shielding strategies that can help you greatly reduce your vulnerability to a wide variety of energetic exchanges.
Introduction to Numerology
Numerology is a fabulous tool for gaining an enhanced understanding of yourself, your past history, and the path you have chosen to walk in this lifetime. In this seminar you will learn how to assess the numerical value of your name and the letters that compose it, along with a basic review of what these numbers reveal about you.
More Fun With Numerology
Learn to calculate and interpret your Destiny number and other key indicators of the life path you will follow. You will also learn how to do basic forecasting by calculating and evaluating important numerological cycles, including your personal year and personal month.
Discover Your Greatest Strengths With Numerology
Learn how to use numerology to quickly identify the skills and attributes that you cultivated in past lifetimes---and what you hope to learn this time around. Knowing more about your innate strengths can help you best position yourself for success in your career, in relationships, in your educational pursuits, and more.
The Master Numbers 11 & 22
Learn what to expect when these numbers show up as the universal day, month or year; as your personal year number; your soul urge number; your destiny number; your home or work address; and more.
Finding Your Perfect Match
Intuitive sensing can reveal information about potential partners that cannot be gleaned through logic or other senses. In this seminar you will gain tips, tools, and guidelines for effectively directing your intuition and other senses when it comes to selecting the right and perfect match for you in the categories of romance, business and more. Compatibility dowsing charts included.
Learn How to Write Your Name in Ogham
Ogham is the name of the ancient Celtic tree alphabet, which is comprised of simple lines and symbols that represent particular trees and shrubs. Learning how to write your name in ogham is fun and revealing. Knowing the trees that your name resonates to can be very useful, helping you realize hidden strengths and talents, helping you know which trees are likely to hold the best healing energy for you, and more.
The Happiness Factor
Don't waste your time achieving goals that won't make you happy. Learn how to use dowsing to test the fulfillment and happiness factors for the goals you are considering and how to score related action plans to pinpoint the most effective strategies for success.
Keys to Self-Motivation
Learn how desire and believability stoke or quench your internal fire, and how to maximize your level of self-motivation in any situation.
When Affirmations Don't Work, What Next?
Learn why affirmations so often fail to produce positive results and what you can do to massively improve your outcomes when working with these powerful thought management tools.
back to basics Subconscious Sabotage
Learn how subconscious belief codes are created, how they derail your conscious focused intention, and how to do a quick test to reveal the most active trouble-makers.
back to basics Clearing Mini-Mes
Mini-Mes are belief codes that develop as a result of over-identification with roles and titles in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. These codes greatly limit your capacity to attract the life experiences you desire. Learn how to use dowsing and other intuitive methods to escape the clutches of these limiting subconscious programs.
The Power of Words
Learn how your choice of words influences your manifest reality; how particular words always reveal limiting belief codes in action; how to change the words you use to upgrade every facet of your life; how to modify your language patterns to harmonize relationships and build instant rapport with anyone...and more!
All About Thought Forms
Learn how negative and positive thought forms are created and the role they play in the manifestation process; get an up-to-date report about the huge negative thought forms that have been created by the masses in the past two decades and how these thought forms are likely to be influencing you and others; learn how to increase the staying power of the positive thought forms you create, including how to use anchoring objects such as gems, trees, and cupstones.
Dowsing to Attract Good Fortune
Learn how to use dowsing and other intuitive skills to increase the flow of all good things into your life.

perfect combination Perfect Combinations
Learn how to combine dowsing, Feng Shui strategies, subtle energy boosters, and space clearing techniques to rapidly attract the right and perfect partnerships in any category of your life, including clients, business partners, romantic partners, therapists, doctors, employers, roommates, vendors, and more.

Go the Distance
Learn three powerful ways to keep going when the going gets tough; to stay focused on your target under massive levels of stress; and to reach the finish line despite all obstacles.
Surefire Strategies to Overcoming Roadblocks
Roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your goals are exasperating. Learn a 5-step strategy for quickly finding your way under, over, or through these frustrating obstacles to your success.
Options Galore
The healthiest, happiest, and most successful people in the world are people who can perceive a multitude of options for solving their problems and achieving their goals. Learn a powerful right-brain problem solving technique that will help you reveal loads of options in any situation. You'll also learn how to use dowsing to choose the best option when there are many.
Perfect Timing
Wouldn't it be great if you were always in the right place at the right time, connecting at the exact right moment with resources and people who can help you achieve your goals? Learn what gets in the way of perfect timing and what you can do to experience it more often.
Attract the Support You Want & Need
Are you attracting the right people, the right tools, and the right circumstances to create financial abundance, to create and maintain a healthy body, to draw the ideal people to you to help you with your business and personal goals? In this seminar you'll learn three incredibly valuable strategies for opening your channels of effective support in all categories of your life.
Roots of Procrastination
You say you want to achieve a particular goal, or change a bad habit, or do something that you know will benefit you greatly, like losing weight or starting a savings account, but you take few or no action steps toward your objective, or you continually attract situations that divert your focus. WHY? In this seminar you will learn 5 primary causes of procrastination and how you can overcome this pattern.
Get Off the Fence
Learn mind-management strategies and subtle energy tricks that will help you make faster and better decisions, and help you trust your decisions so you will move forward with confidence and ease.
Attracting More Than Enough
Tired of just getting by financially -- perhaps paying your bills every month, but not much more? Is this 'just enough' pattern showing up in other categories of your life, too? In this seminar you'll learn some of Michele's best tips for attracting more than just enough in all categories of your life.
Time is Money
Learn about the many troublesome effects of the deep-seated cultural concept, "time is money", along with many related belief codes you are likely to be holding in your personal subconscious vaults.  Learn easy techniques for clearing these codes to help reduce stress, improve your financial situation, and more.
The Gold Rush
Gold has been a highly prized metal for thousands of years, both on a material and metaphysical level. In this seminar you will learn about the ancient root of mankind's lust for gold, along with common belief codes related to this topic. Clearing "gold codes" can help you improve your financial condition, health, sense of self-worth, and more.
Money Mechanics
Whether your goal is to increase your income, reduce your debt load, or attract more fruitful investment opportunities, this seminar will help you tune-up your energetic system for improved performance in all financial categories of your life. Learn how to clear out subtle energy gunk that clogs up your manifestation pipes, how to tune your system to abundance frequencies, how to adjust your timing for lucrative synchronicities, and more.
Money in the Bank
Making loads of money today won't help you much in the future if it all slips through your fingers as fast as you make it. Learn 10 easy and fun subtle energy strategies that will help you make more money and keep it!
Power & Prosperity
Review over 50 common belief codes that generate misguided thinking about the source of personal power and prosperity. Clearing these codes will heighten your sense of personal empowerment, open your heart, help you more easily attract financial abundance, and more.
Laughing All the Way to the Bank
Learn how to increase your income, free up your cash flow, and perk up your bank balance with uncommon strategies that are fun and effective.
Money Makes the World Go Round
Although this is just a figure of speech, it often seems like money is indeed the mighty force that drives all earthly activities. In fact, because money has such status in our subconscious minds, life can be pretty bleak if you don't have much of it. Learn how to clear 20 belief codes that will help you rise above the power of money and achieve your heart's desire whether you have loads of it or not.
The Sludge Factor
Various conditions on our planet are currently creating a type of sludge in our energetic and physical pipelines, slowing down cash flow, affecting our blood flow and circulation of other vital fluids, disrupting the chi flow in our environments, and more. Learn how to eradicate this sludge factor and stimulate the positive flow of vital energy into all categories of your life.
Inspired Living
Learn how to cultivate the experience of inspired living, including tips on how to reveal your passion and stay tuned to the call of your Soul. You will also learn about the five most common stumbling blocks to living one's passion and how to overcome these.
Finding Faith in Times of Doubt & Despair
Learn how to dump despair, escape self-doubt, and get back on track with an optimistic outlook about your future.
3 Keys to Sustaining the Soul
Feeding the body and mind will keep you alive and mentally fit, but feeding the soul is the key to contentment and deep inner peace. Learn to enhance your ability to hear the call of the soul and how to stay aligned with the agenda of the True You.
Fearless Living
Whether your anxieties are major or minor, fear fuels disease, shortens lifespans, and can rob you of the best experiences life has to offer. In this seminar you will learn 6 easy ways to stop generating fear.
Making Contribution a Habit
Contributing usually helps others, but ALWAYS helps you. In this seminar you will learn how the simple act of sharing a bit of your time, talent, or other resources will not only feed your soul, it will super-charge your manifestation efforts, greatly amplify your ability to attract abundance and other positive life experiences, and provide you with scores of other benefits. Learn over 30 easy ways to give of yourself and why making contribution a habit is more critical now than ever before.
Giving Thanks
Experiencing thoughts and feelings of gratitude on a daily basis will help you live a longer and healthier life, improve your material and financial well-being, expand your capacity to give and receive love, communicate with the intelligences of Nature, and more. In this program you will learn 10 easy ways to keep your mind and heart overflowing with this wonderful, life-enhancing energy.
Clearing Trapped Emotions
Trapped emotions decay the body, dampen the spirit, and fuel subconscious belief codes. Whether you are holding onto anger, fear, sadness or something else, the 5 easy techniques reviewed in this program will help you quickly and easily discharge conscious and subconscious emotional clogs.
back to basics Subconscious Sabotage
Learn how subconscious belief codes are created, how they derail your conscious focused intention, and how to do a quick test to reveal the most active trouble-makers.
back to basics Say Goodbye to Your Mini-Mes
Mini-Mes are belief codes that develop as a result of over-identification with roles and titles in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. These codes create subconscious alter egos and greatly limit your capacity to experience the true YOU. They also are the root of many of the roadblocks you encounter in life, and the cause of many of the critical and/or limiting thoughts you hold about yourself. Learn how to use dowsing and other intuitive methods to escape the clutches of these self-defeating subconscious programs.
back to basics Fairy Tale Codes
The fairy tales that children hear repeatedly in early childhood are the source of many belief codes that create problems later in life. Learn how to use dowsing to easily uncover and clear these codes, setting the stage for dream-come-true experiences in real life.
back to basics The Proverb Method
Proverbs, such as "Don't count your chickens before they hatch", may sound like good advice, but can attract undesirable circumstances. We create and acquire many belief codes through inheritance and through our own life experiences that can be described in the language of proverbs. In this seminar you will learn how to use dowsing and proverb books to uncover and clear hundreds of these limiting beliefs.
back to basics Old Age Codes
Review scores of common 'old age' belief codes that can accelerate the development of dementia, heart disease, eye problems, financial challenges, and more. You will be very surprised to learn how early in life your subconscious mind starts judging that you are old.
back to basics Cracking Your Social Security Codes
Learn about obvious and less obvious situations that trigger security-related belief codes. These codes can cause anxiety, financial downturns, issues with retirement and getting older, depression, fatigue, marital strife, cell phone addiction, a plunge in your self-confidence, and much more.
5 Simple Ways to Identify Your Alter Egos
Alter egos are overactive believe codes that chronically surface and dictate particular roles that your subconscious mind thinks you must play or cannot play in order to avoid pain or to attract desirable experiences in life. Everyone has them, they hugely limit human potential, and they can sabotage your efforts to achieve the goals you are working toward.
back to basics Magnanimous You!
Review and clear 30 common belief codes that inhibit generosity, forgiveness, and the full expression of the noble Spirit that we are.
Escaping Enemy Illusions
Conscious and subconscious perceptions that something or someone poses a threat to your well-being or to the well-being of loved ones can attract conflict situations into your life, create disease states in your body, prevent prolonged states of joy and peace, and many other undesirable experiences. In this seminar you will learn a variety of techniques for identifying and eradicating your enemy illusions.
Who's Fooling Who?
Learn how to uncover and clear subconscious belief codes that relate to "foolishness" and "being fooled". Codes that include these core elements will inhibit your self-expression, discourage you from taking risks that you probably should, and even prevent you from realizing your heart's desire because you are afraid to act on your dreams.
back to basics Your Ticket to Heaven
Review 20 common belief codes that can attract heaven-on-earth experiences, or a living hell.
back to basics Harmonizing Relationships
Discord in relationships is stressful and can negatively affect far more aspects of your life than you probably realize. In this seminar you will learn a number of mental, physical, and metaphysical strategies that can help you attract and maintain happier, healthier, and more harmonious relationships with friends, family members, neighbors, clients, and more.
back to basics Using Songs to Flush Out Belief Codes
Have you ever started singing or humming a song for no apparent reason? When this happens it's a telltale sign that you have awakened subconscious belief codes that have some relationship to the content of the song. In this seminar you'll learn how to clear the codes these tunes represent.
back to basics Immunizations & Belief Codes
If you received the standard set of vaccinations as a child, and/or other vaccinations as an adult (like your last flu shot), you acquired belief codes in the process. These codes can cause the manifestation of health issues and other undesirable life circumstances years later. In this seminar you'll learn how to detect and clear 'immunization codes' - it's easy!
back to basics Back to the Basics
Monitoring the condition of your personal electromagnetic fields, your aura, and the energetic function of your organs and glands should be done regularly to optimize health and other life conditions. Learn how to routinely test all these areas of your energetic system, along with tips for completing energetic repairs should you find imbalances in any category.
back to basics Repairing Your Aura
Aura damage can deplete your life energy, cause body pains, weaken your immune system, increase vulnerable to psychic invasions and more. Learn several easy methods for repairing your aura, including detailed instruction in the Senzar method (dowsing chart included).
back to basics Befriending the Elements for Rapid Aura Repair
Learn about the consciousness of the elements and how to work with the Periodic Table of Elements to quickly and easily repair aura damage.
back to basics Healing Waters
Learn how to use color, words, and other tools to anchor healing frequencies in your drinking water; how to gain the cooperation of underground water to divert noxious energies; little-known truths about holy wells; and more.
back to basics Outwitting Brain Drain
Are you experiencing brain fog or memory glitches that are affecting your productivity or making your worry about your mental health? Discover eight little known, but common causes (and cures) for brain fog, memory blips, mental disorientation, and scattered thinking.
Healthy Habits
Learn how to use chart dowsing to quickly pinpoint the best types of foods, supplements, physical exercise, therapies and other action steps that you can take to support your optimal health.
Sleep Easy
Learn about physical, emotional, and subtle energy situations that disrupt restful sleep, along with easy steps you can take to sleep soundly throughout the night.
Trim the Fat
Gain tried-and-true tips for reducing the size of your waistline and other body parts, including a review of 20 subconscious belief codes that may be causing you to create and store too much body fat. These same codes often translate into other "weighty" experiences like financial debt, burdensome responsibilities, and more.
The Spice of Life
Learn how to use spices and herbs to harmonize discordant energies in you and your environment, and how to spice up your meals for improved health and vitality.
Color Chemistry
Applying the right colors in the right way to you and your environment can help you make rapid and extraordinary improvements in your health, vitality, relationships, intuitive clarity, and even your finances. Learn how to use color to upgrade all aspects of your life in this fun and informative seminar!
Color Chemistry - Part II
Learn about Dinshah Ghadiali's Spectro-Chrome therapy system for using colored light in health applications. This amazingly effective healing system was created almost 100 years ago. In this program you will learn about Dinshah's history, his research, and the extraordinary results that people have realized from using this system. You will also learn how to incorporate dowsing into your use of the Dinshah color filters, easy ways to do color tonations, and how to make a variety of light projectors for $10 or less.
Color Me Purple
An abundance of purple in your environment and reflecting through you can help you improve your financial situation, boost self-confidence, heighten your spiritual awareness, and more. Learn about the symbolism and qualities of this color, why you should strive to keep your purple reflectivity at optimal levels, and the best strategies for doing this.
Crucial Color Connections
At the base of your brain is a series of color bands that when weakened or decayed, can cause memory problems, impair neuron function, disturb the proper function of your vagus nerve, and much more. Learn about the five most common causes of color band decay, and how to correct damage and disconnections.
Use Dowsing to Improve Food Digestion and More
Learn how to use dowsing to enhance the nutritional value and digestibility of the foods that you eat, to select the tastiest fruits and vegetables, to identify the best diet plan (for you) for healthy weight loss, to eliminate food allergies, and more!
Cellular Super-Charge
Learn 10 easy ways to vitalize every cell in your body, for increased energy, stamina, and zest for life.

60 Seconds to a New You
Learn how to use dowsing and focused intention to quickly balance your Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFS). These fields serve as a behind-the-scenes subtle energy template that holds the manifest YOU together in physical form. When the fields are disrupted, a cascade of effects occur that accelerates the decay of your body, creates interference with your intuitive abilities, agitates your central nervous system, disrupts memory function, and more.
Heart Smarts and Your Vagus Nerve
The vagus nerve interacts with all the vital organs in your body, including your heart. Without the proper functioning of this crucial nerve, the communication system between your vital organs is hugely compromised, putting your good health at risk. In this seminar, you will learn how to monitor the energetic well-being of this cruical body part and how to make appropriate repairs when necessary.
Breathe Easy
Breathing easily and properly is essential to effectively oxygenating the body, and a well-oxygenated body is essential to staying healthy and energized. But many people today are not experiencing this simple fundamental of good health. Learn why healthy breathing patterns have gotten so out of whack and what you can do to recognize and reverse this trend in yourself.
Health Benefits of Edible Clay
Learn about the extraordinary healing properties of edible clays, the varieties being sold today, and what to be watchful of before you add clay to your health regime.
Escaping the Winter Blues
Review common belief codes that attract mental/emotional depression in winter months, dips in business prosperity, an increase in colds, flu & other ailments, and more.
It's Elementary!
Learn how to use the Periodic Table of Elements, along with physical and etheric representations of the elements, to help balance health conditions, environmental energies, financial woes, and more.
Test Your Energetic Compatibility With Any Spot on the Globe
The location of your home, including the country you live in, the part of the country, your city, your neighborhood, and even your particular parcel of land can have a profound effect on your overall well-being. In this seminar you will learn how to test the energetic compatibility of your current home location, and other locations too, in relationship to your health and vitality, your financial well-being, your emotional well-being, and more.
back to basics Immunizations & Belief Codes
If you received the standard set of vaccinations as a child, and/or other vaccinations as an adult (like your last flu shot), you acquired belief codes in the process. These codes can cause the manifestation of health issues and other undesirable life circumstances years later. In this seminar you'll learn how to detect and clear 'immunization codes' - it's easy!
back to basics Invisible Causes of Pain, Fatigue, and More
Learn about human energies, spirit activity, and environmental energies that can instantly cause body pains, severe fatigue, and negative shifts in your emotional state. A bit of knowledge about these situations can be hugely beneficial in helping you recover your upbeat, energized, and pain-free self more quickly.
back to basics Are Your Shoes Making You Moody, Tired, or Sick?
Your negative emotional energies and negative thought forms often attempt to naturally ground (exit) through your feet. When you have shoes on, this negative energy cannot ground and will saturate the soles of your shoes. Psychic-emotional energy that gets trapped in your shoes can cause aches and pains, trigger negative emotional states, make you tired, stressed, moody, and more. In this seminar, you'll learn easy and effective ways to energetically clean your shoes and a number of other psychic-emotional energy traps
back to basics Psychic Noise & How It Affects Your Heart
Psychic noise is inaudible to our ears, but your subconscious mind can sense it. This noise includes the chaotic vibration of your own thoughts and feelings, and the thoughts and feelings of the collective consciousness -- such as the populace of your town, your region, your country, and beyond. In this seminar you'll learn how this noise affects your health, particularly your heart, and simple strategies for reducing the psychic noise that you are exposed to every day.
Getting Zapped?
Symptoms and Solutions for Electrostress (Part I)
Learn about the most common sources of home and office EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and the harmful effects of over-exposure to these energies. Learn easy strategies for minimizing electrostress symptoms that can be caused by cell phones, WiFi, and more, including dietary changes that can strengthen your resistance and products that can make a positive difference.
Getting Zapped II?
Symptoms and Solutions for Electrostress (Part II)
In this second segment of the "Getting Zapped?" seminar series you will learn how to check and treat EMFs related to household wiring, alarm systems, and lighting sources. You will also learn the truth about microwave towers, how to find hidden antennas, and ten ways to achieve better physical tolerance of EMF situations that you cannot escape.
back to basics Is Your Environment Pulling You Down?
Review the top 5 noxious energy problems in home and office spaces today and what you can do to balance these situations for improved health and vitality.
Space Clearing Made Easy
Learn how to do a quick energetic tune-up in your home and office environments with the help of an easy to use checklist.
Shake, Rattle, & Roll
When you hear about seismic activity, you probably think about the mega-variety that collapses buildings and creates chaos all around. But the more subtle variety can be just as damaging, as it rattles and disorganizes your body's energetic system. Learn how to detect seismic waves in your environment and how to balance your system when it gets knocked about by these invisible currents.
Making Peace With Smart Meters
Many people still feel frustrated and powerless about Smart Meters being installed at their home or in their neighborhood, but there is a really easy way to minimize or eliminate the detrimental effects of the radiation from these devices. In this program you will learn about Smart Meters and how to greatly reduce negative effects, and why you should pay attention to this subject even if you opted out of Smart Meter installation.
Clean Up Your Dirty Electricity
Learn how dirty electricity develops and how this very subtle, behind-the-scenes energy problem can affect your health and well-being. We'll discuss strategies for detecting dirty electricity, how to fix dirty electricity situations, and more.
Easy Ways to Dramatically Reduce Your Radiation Exposures
Learn easy steps you can take right now to dramatically reduce your radiation exposures in our high-tech world.
Manifestation and the Powers of Nature
Learning how to enlist the help of the Stars and other intelligences from the Nature Kingdom is like having your own private team of superheros on-call. Learn how to communicate with these special beings to do effective space clearings, to increase your cash flow, to bolster your career, to harmonize relationships, to improve crop yields, and much more.
Who's Who at Your Garden Party
This is a Senzar favorite that will surely feed your soul. Even if you aren't a gardener, learning about the special beings who occupy and tend to the land and plant life around us will change your perspective of life on Earth forever. Feel the wonder and awe of interfacing with this special realm and learn how you can open communication channels with these beings for a lifetime of heart-boosting experiences.
Gardening With the Devas
Learn how to use dowsing and other intuitive skills to gain cooperation from devas and other forces of nature to vitalize gardens and other environments.
Helping Your Gardens Grow
Learn how to quickly assess your plants' nutritional needs; how to use dowsing to isolate causes of plant distress; how to eliminate garden pests without harming them, and more!
The Spirit of Water
Water is intelligent and highly conductive. Most dowsers will tell you that it is harmful to your health to sleep over underground water, but the water itself is rarely the main problem. Learn what the bigger issues often are and how to work with the Spirit of Water to minimize or eliminate harmful effects.
The Magical Healing Power of Trees
Trees are tremendously wise and hugely generous in their willingness to communicate with humans and help us. In this seminar you will learn how to center yourself in Spirit with the help of a tree; how to open your heart and heal old emotional wounds; how to gain intuitive guidance from trees; how to access the unique healing properties of different trees; and more.
Fairies, Trolls, & Root Keepers
Hear about Michele's adventures in Ireland and her encounters with fairies, trolls, and a group of beings called "root keepers". See slides of a spectacular fairy fort and a fern forest where hundreds of fairies reside; a fabulous stone circle that a group of trolls use as a musical instrument; and a seldom seen bullaun stone that precisely diagrams the Orion constellation.
The Magic of the Birds, Bees, & Butterflies
Learn about the profound influences, physical and energetic, that these precious beings have on our everyday lives and what you can do to help them thrive.
Pet Vibes
Learn how to enhance psychic communications between you and your pet, how to check the condition of your pet's health and vitality, how to choose the right and perfect health care professionals for your pet, and more.
Frenzied Pets
Star activity, solar flares, the psychic buzz of the collective consciousness and more are taking a toll on our animal companions. Learn how to help your animal friends (domestic and wildlife) weather the energetic storms of our times.
April 29, 2016
This Q & A audio recording provides great supplementary training on many videos in the Senzar Video Vault. Questions addressed in this session include: Are grounding pads beneficial or harmful? Does salt that is stored in your cupboard trap spirits? What is the impact of drinking alcohol before doing intuitive work? Can you have Spirit Unit damage in your chakras? Do other caffeine-holding plants work as effectively as coffee for energy clearings?...and much more!