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Senzar Online Training

Subtle Energy Secrets for
Blissfully Happy Plants

with Instructor Michele Fitzgerald

Meet Phylos, my 44 year old philodendron

Join Michele for this 6-hour recorded workshop and gain knowledge and insights that will change your perspective on plant life forever. You'll learn how to communicate with your plants, how to enlist the aid of nature spirits and other invisible beings, how to vitalize the land to help your plants and trees thrive, and much, much more.

Course content includes:

  • How to communicating with plants, nature spirits, and the Spirit of the Land.
  • How to select the best planting location to support your plant's overall well-being.
  • How to vitalize the energy of the land to optimize plant health.
  • How to use dowsing to test and properly adjust soil conditions, water levels, and many other conditions that affect plant vitality.
  • How to neutralize noxious Earth energies that can weaken and even kill your plants.
  • How to eliminate pest problems, including bugs, gophers, deer, javelina without harming these creatures.
  • How to communicate with plants, nature spirits, and the Spirit of the Land.
  • How to comfort traumatized plants and help them clear their emotional issues.
  • How to select the best gardeners, tree specialists, landscapers...and much more!


Basic dowsing or muscle testing skills are required for this program. If you don't know how to dowse, click here for a free dowsing lesson.

This course is offered once each year.
Open-enrollment for 2018 is June 8-16.

The enrollment window for this program has now closed. Please check back in mid-June of next year to access this program.

Price: $197.00

Price includes unlimited online access to the Part I and Part II recorded videos (3 hours each) for a full year; a copy of the course slide presentations, a detailed Plant Checklist dowsing chart, and other helpful course materials.

A high-speed internet connection is required to participate in this program. You can view the online video recordings with a desktop or laptop computer, and most mobile devices.