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"I consider learning how to decipher belief codes one of the most important tools for understanding physical symptoms of illness, unhealthy patterns in relationships, as well as repeated conditions in life. Last fall I used the Senzar method to investigate a sudden decrease in enrollments in our school and with the belief code work was able to shift the trend quickly and dramatically to our benefit. I have found it to be essential understanding what we manifest unconsciously and I encourage all my yoga students to study with Michele."

Ruth Hartung, director of 7 Centers Yoga Arts, Sedona, Arizona

"Many systems teach, and rightfully so, how our beliefs create our experience and how to change this experience with positive thinking. What sets the Senzar Belief Codes training apart from the others is the inclusion of how to access and change ones unconscious beliefs. Our unconscious beliefs are ever pervasive and very powerful in sculpting our life experience. Michele Fitzgerald has provided the missing link to accessing control over our lives. I have personally experienced much benefit from employing the Senzar modalities. The skills learned in the Belief Codes classes are the fundamental tools needed to employ these methods. One learns how to track down and change the belief programs that are running our lives. I highly recommend the Belief Codes classes to anyone who wishes to gain self awareness and self mastery of their life experience."

Cheryl Harter, MD, MD(H), Pine Valley, Arizona

"I have used Michele's principles and training for 5 years. In that time, I have come from having zero knowledge about energy work, belief codes, dowsing, etc., to having it become second nature. Dowsing and clearing codes have now become a welcome, routine part of my life. Michele's training has enabled me to create much more fulfilling and enjoyable relationships, both in my personal life and work environment. Any conflict or bad feelings are cleared quickly. I am also able to quickly isolate and clear any energy that causes physical ailments, i.e. headaches, backaches, joint pain, sleep issues/nightmares. I am enjoying dairy products once again, after not being able to digest lactose for years!

Michele's training is so clear, and easy to apply that even someone with no previous exposure to this type of work, can start utilizing the techniques immediately! This knowledge has given me such insight into myself, and what drives my behavior, as well as those around me. The best gift has been the opening up of my heart, to be able to accept and find pure love and joy, with no effort."


"If a person follows the Senzar curriculum, he or she will succeed in whatever their heart desires!! I have traveled and am still traveling the road of life, which is my teacher, and I can surely say that without Senzar Learning I would not have been able to evolve beyond where my conscious mind was taking me. Senzar offers one the opportunity to grow! It's up to each person to determine how much.

To date, as a result of my use of the Senzar methods, I have been able to manifest materially, make friends out of previous enemies and heal many health issues. It is a priceless gift one gives to oneself ...everyone and anyone who wishes to progress in any area of life should take these courses."

Terri Raymond, Sedona, Arizona

"Four years ago I was sick with fibromyalgia - sleeping 12 to 16 hours a day, always tired, trapped in a pain-full body. Today I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. In between, I took most of the Senzar classes and applied the tools to my life. That knowledge took me step by step from an incurable illness (by allopathic medical standards) to a healthy body, happy heart, and rich spiritual life. I am continually grateful for the opportunity to learn Senzar.

I experience moments of joy every day. Not the kind of happiness that is a reaction to an event in my life - although I have that too. I mean the kind of joy where my heart is so full it spills over, and I look around me at a scene I see 100 times a day - the view out my window, the trail where I walk with my dog, my apartment, whatever - and know it is the most perfectly beautiful scene I have ever witnessed. The tools I have learned through the Senzar classes create that experience of joy and wonder in ever increasing amounts in my life."

Emily Rice-Townsend, Berkeley, California

"I have been a proponent of positive thinking and affirmations as keys to successful living since my early teen years. None-the-less, I found myself running chaos programs in my inner dialogue and could not figure out how or where the conversations originated. It is as though my brain, similar to a PC, would open conflicting programs, one of success and another saying that if I achieved what I was looking for that something terrible would happen. The subsequent experience of anxiety often times lead me to sabotage the success I was seeking.

The work Michele does has opened many doors to the inner chaotic thinking processes, and more importantly, through her classes I have learned to recognize when a bad program is running and to break the chaos myself. This has helped me build a marvelous life that includes a great relationship with my wife, Tonya, guide our four kids through to young-adulthood, build thriving companies to support our lifestyle, and overall experience a magical life of health, wealth, and happiness. Michele Fitzgerald is truly a Master in the science of Mind and Spirit, and I recommend her training to the highest degree possible."

Tom Powell, Reno, Nevada

"Last fall, I had to have two crowns done. Just a few days after having the temporaries put on, Michele paid us a visit. During her visit she discussed some dental difficulties she had experienced and resolved with belief code work. Literally, as she was pulling out of the driveway to leave, my jaw began to ache. For the next three weeks, I had to take pain killers and muscle relaxers every 8 hours, or I was subjected to excrutiating pain throughout my mouth. In addition, my temporary crown broke three times, which the dentist could not believe. I spent $600 during those three weeks at the chiropractor getting my jaw adjusted every day, providing only temporary relief.

Finally, retracing the steps and suspecting my aching jaw had something to do with her visit, I called Michele. Sure enough, she confirmed that her own tooth story had awakened belief codes in myself. We traced the challenge back to when I was a very overweight 8 year old child, to the phrase "I can't CHEW someone out and remain their friend." Michele and I worked through all of the adaptations of that phrase and cleared the codes that were related to each. Literally, my aching, which had been ruling my life for nearly one month, was instantly gone. It never came back, my teeth were fixed, and all has been well since."

Tonya Powell, Reno, Nevada

"For many years I have had some pretty bad experiences in the job realm of my life and the experiences just kept getting worse to the point I just didn't want to work any more at all. I attracted aloof, cold, mean and angry employers who treated me in a manner that was very dispiriting and disheartening to my gentle nature. After doing belief code work on myself and having a couple of sessions with Michele, I now have a job where I am experiencing feeling honored and appreciated - my new employer is warm and friendly, asks my advice and council and continually pays me compliments on my work and relationship skills. To say that I am grateful is an understatement. Wow, what a shift!"

Nancy DePuy, Sedona, Arizona

"Over the years I have known Michele her work has helped me in countless ways. I do not think that I would be working towards my current business goal without the many codes she has cleared for me and the work I have done on myself through practicing her techniques. This business goal goes way beyond what I thought possible for me to achieve and involves opening a new concept in fitness studio's using state of the art equipment to contribute to people's health and well-being on many levels. Not only has achieving a goal of this scale become completely believable for me, as roadblocks have appeared along the way, I have been able to remove them or steer a course around them by understanding and clearing belief codes."

Sharon Roberts, Tunbridge Wells, England