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101 Uses for Dowsing

Dowsing for Water, Utilities, and Other Underground Situations
Site a standard well
Locate an artesian well
Divert water (to a dry well, around a building, etc.)
Diagnose water problems (contamination type/source)
Find drip/sprinkler lines or buried heads
Find water pipes
Find sewer lines
Locate septic tanks
Locate water leaks
Find underground streams
Locate underground electric lines
Locate underground gas lines
Locate underground telephone lines
Locate fault lines
Find buried mines and booby-traps
Locate minerals
Locate oil
Locate caves and underground caverns
Find buried or hidden treasure

Choose a mechanic
Diagnose automobile problem
Select the best car to buy
Select the best rental car company to use
Find a parking space
Find where you parked your car

Dowsing for Health & Well-Being

Vitamin selection
Check general health (status)
Find the location of imbalance in physical or subtle bodies
Determine type of imbalance
Determine severity of imbalance
Choose a doctor
Choose a dentist
Choose other types of health practitioners
Select most effective treatment option
Select most effective medication & dosage
Balance/improve physical health condition
Balance subtle bodies & chakra system
Clear emotional issues
Clear attachments that may be affecting health (negative thought forms,
imprints, entities, psychic attack, other)

Dowsing & Animals
Talk with your pets
Check the health of your pets
Choose a veterinarian
Find location of imbalance in an animal's body
Select best treatment
Determine best medication dosage
Clear emotional issues (those generated by pet or pet's owner)
Balance animal's health condition
Choose most beneficial food
Find lost pets

Dowsing & Plants
Talk with your plants
Determine best time to plant
Determine best type of plant for a certain area
Determine best placement/orientation of plant
Determine nutritional needs of plant
Determine best way to prune tree/bush
Determine cause of plant's distress or cause of death
Determine best treatment if plant is sick
Remove pests from environment (gophers, bugs, etc.)

Geomancy/Noxious Energies/Feng Shui
Locate noxious zones
Clear /neutralize noxious earth energies
Determine source of noxious energies in an environment
Trace noxious energy waves/streams
Measure electromagnetic fields of appliances/equipment/electronics
Measure electromagnetic fields of power lines/transformers
Locate hidden cellular antennas
Measure field strength of electromagnetic sources
Measure level of benefit/harm of energy fields to health & well-being
Determine best treatment for noxious energy situations
Track chi flow through an environment
Determine best method to balance chi in an environment
Test for chemicals/molds/gases in the environment
Find power spots (beneficial & detrimental)
Locate/trace beneficial & detrimental spirals
Create beneficial power spots
Increase strength and range of beneficial power spots
Talk to the earth and to the spirits of the land

Dowsing & Relationships
Check compatibility of potential partners (romantic, business, other)
Clear emotional issues affecting relationships
Clear environmental energies affecting relationships
Disconnect chakra links
Improve harmony among family members
Improve harmony in neighborhood
Improve harmony in work environment
Raise the level of cooperation in an environment
Verify truthfulness

Select best potential clients to approach
Select most effective marketing plan
Raise prosperity energy in home/office
Select best suppliers to use
Select best dates to schedule events/interviews/other
Select best employment candidates
Select ideal job/career
Select best investments to make
Check the success potential of your business ideas

Communicating with the Spirit Realm
Clear negative spirits & entities (from land, houses, people, pets, objects)
Talk to spirits/guides/interdimensional beings
Help spirits cross over
Locate dwelling places of Ancient Spirits & Devas
Learn about past lives

Lower crime rates in your town
Reduce air and water pollution
Raise the level of respect in an environment
Check the weather
Change the weather
Find a trail
Find your way out of the desert/forest when lost
Locate lost objects (keys, jewelry, etc.)
Find missing persons
Locate archaeological sites
Interpret archaeological sites/rock art
Select the right & perfect place to live (geographic location)
Select the right & perfect house to buy or rent
Determine most appropriate time tables (for anything)
Choose the best restaurant
Select the best seminar to attend
Determine accuracy (of the information in a book, of a theory about
something, etc.)
Determine the likelihood of a certain outcome