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About Dowsing

Dowsing (Water Witching, Divining, Questing, Doodlebugging...) is the ancient art (skill) of finding water, minerals, objects, and/or information on just about anything you can imagine, including:

  •    Health/Medicine
  •    Agriculture
  •    Gardening
  •    Animals
  •    Food quality and nutritional value
  •    Weather
  •    Electromagnetic effects (EMF)
  •    Business/financial issues
  •    Lost items and people
  •    Finding and interpreting archaeological sites
  •    Earth energies
  •    Human energies & conditions
  •    Abstract objects and ideas

The dowser asks a question about the object or information he/she is seeking, and utilizes a dowsing instrument, such as a pendulum, L-rod, Y-rod, or bobber to amplify and interpret the "answer" that is received intuitively by the dowser's brain or body. Dowsing instruments are mechanical amplifiers of small neuromuscular reflexes that happen in the body when a person dowses.

No one is really sure where dowsers are getting their information. It could be from the subconscious or superconscious mind of the dowser, it could be from some universal library in the sky, it could be from God. All we (dowsers) know is that the information does come if you know how to move into a coherent brainwave state and how to ask the right questions. Anyone can learn to dowse. From there, mastery of the skill is just like anything else---it takes practice.