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Introduction to Belief Codes

with Instructor Michele Fitzgerald

We would like to think we have the freedom to choose our thoughts and feelings, and to direct our lives the way we want. But do we really have free will? In this workshop, learn how many of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and life experiences are being generated by a complex “belief code” system that is operating outside your conscious awareness. These codes often conflict with your conscious desires and override them, manifesting life circumstances that you would surely avoid if you had the choice. To see how one simple code can dramatically affect a person's life, click here.

Learn how to use dowsing to get back into the driver’s seat of your own life.

In this workshop you will learn how people acquire belief codes and how the codes adapt over time. Numerous case studies will be reviewed that demonstrate how belief codes influence every aspect of life and how clearing these codes creates swift and amazing changes in circumstance. Participants will learn six very easy techniques for cracking codes and plenty of time will be allotted for everyone to practice these techniques in the class.

Basic dowsing skills are required for this course, You must be able to achieve a “yes” and “no” response with a pendulum, other dowsing device, or through muscle testing.

For information about the Senzar Super Sleuthing class , click here.

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