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Cracking Belief Codes Case Study

My Teeth Are Killing Me

A friend who had experienced life-long problems with her teeth called me one day in tears. She told me that she had just returned from the dentist who told her that she had a badly infected tooth and it would have to be pulled. Through her sobs, she told me that she only had four teeth left, and now she was going to lose one of those. "It is so embarrassing", she said. "Last week I went in for a mammogram and they made me take out my bridges. I looked so ugly."

My friend had spent thousands of dollars trying to save her teeth, but nothing stopped the pattern. She knew about my work with belief codes and asked if there was anything I could do to help.

I was able to quickly discern that her problem was stemming from a belief code she had crafted at age four through her observations and subconscious judgments about a highly stressful event. The event involved her mother and her mother's trauma over a tooth infection. Her mother's infected tooth got so bad that she had to be carted off to the hospital in the middle of the night. My friend and her sister were left with a neighbor.

Throughout this event these two children heard their mother repeatedly say "My teeth are killing me" (a common phrase many of us have uttered). My friend's subconscious mind translated the idea "Teeth will kill you" literally, and this judgment was stored. In an effort to keep my friend alive, her body and energetic operating system proceeded to create and attract circumstances to remove her deadly teeth from her mouth.

After finding the code, my friend was able to collapse it in a few seconds. I then instructed her to load a new idea "What a relief, it is safe to have teeth!". She made this statement several times a day for a few days in front of her bathroom mirror. Her tooth infection cleared up completely and she did not have to have the tooth pulled.

What is most interesting to me about this case is that my friend's sister made the same judgment (crafted the same belief code at the same time), and she played out the program the same way---her body expelling her teeth in an effort to save the girl's life. By the time she was sixteen, she did not have a tooth in her head.

Of special note is the fact that neither of these two girls are related to the mother or to each other--they were both adopted, and each from a different family. The power of these codes and the precision to which they play out is extraordinary.

Michele Fitzgerald
Director, Senzar Learning Center

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