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Soothing the Spirit of the Earth

with Instructor Michele Fitzgerald

Geopathic zones are on the rise all over the world, affecting the health and well-being of the human species and many plants and animals. In this full-day workshop, Michele will share her most recent findings on why these zones are increasing so rapidly, the impact this is having on the energetic core of the human species and the earth itself, and what you can do to help yourself and the planet.

Something is poking holes in Time. Learn how this phenomenon facilitates the creation of noxious zones, both on the planet and in you.

Other subjects that will be explored in this workshop include:

  • The relationship of Time to the earth and human grid systems – a glimpse at the template of creation.
  • Working with gravity waves to expand beneficial energies in oneself and the planet.
  • Introduction to cup stone technology—how to use this ancient science to benefit local and global environments.
  • Using Senzar tuner symbols to achieve and maintain brain wave coherence, and how this helps you and the planet.

Every continent on Earth holds remnants of ancient cultures who harnessed the power of terrestrial and cosmic currents. For the past decade Michele has been researching the subtle energy technology that she believes was utilized by these ancient engineers. This class introduces students to some of that technology.

The primary focus of Michele's field research has been on the Neolithic monuments in Ireland, England and Scotland, where original energetic systems are still active at many of the sites. Dowsing is an effective tool for investigating these systems and tracking the subtle energy currents that interact with the standing stones and great mounds. Michele believes that the technology that was utilized at these amazing stone complexes far exceeds the science of our day and will eventually be used to solve many of our modern problems.

Basic dowsing skills are required for this course (i.e., you must be able to achieve "yes" and "no" responses with a pendulum or other dowsing tool, or with muscle testing).

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