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About Senzar

"The highest truths, which would not be communicable or transmissible by any other means, can be communicated up to a certain point when they are, so to speak, incorporated in symbols, which will hide them for many, no doubt, but which will manifest them in all their splendour to the eyes of those who can see."

Rene Guénon
from Fundamental Symbols
The Universal Language of Sacred Science

The word Senzar is the name of an ancient language that was referenced by Helena Blavatsky in her classic works, the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled. According to Blavatsky and others who claim knowledge of the far distant past of life on earth, Senzar was a sacred symbol language that was used by adepts of the ancient mystery schools.

Michele Fitzgerald, founder of the Senzar Learning Center, first learned of this obscure language in 1976 from her metaphysics teacher Maxine Cardinal. Over the next twenty years, a series of synchronistic events brought more information about Senzar to Michele's attention.  In 1997,  she began seeing symbols, her eyes open, fully conscious, and as she describes, "like someone was projecting them onto a gigantic movie screen inside my head".  Michele has been seeing and recording symbols ever since and has found them to be incredibly useful in transforming negative conditions, both in personal and environmental situations.

Michele believes that the symbols she sees are part of the Senzar language, coming forward from our ancient past to help with modern problems. Although the Senzar Clearing System incorporates many different clearing and transformational techniques, the Senzar symbols have become an integral part of the formula.

Click here to see a few of the Senzar symbols that are used in Senzar Clearings.

To learn more about the Senzar symbols, consider visiting Sedona to take a Senzar Class.