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Senzar Advanced Training

Clearing Soul Fragments & Solving Upper Chakra Problems

Soul fragments store emotional memories from experiences involving extreme trauma. These memories are usually from past life experiences, but soul fragmentation can occur in a present lifetime. In past life experiences the trauma was most often experienced at or near the point of death, where there was no time available to process and dissipate the extreme emotional charge that was generated. Unprepared exposure to these memories, without a mechanism for clearing this emotional charge, can lead to severe mental, emotional, and even physical imbalance. Therefore, as a protective measure, these memories are stored far from conscious and even subconscious access within the soul's memory system.

Still, we are always connected to the fragmented parts of our soul. Even without direct access, these stored memories and their associated emotional charge do have a subtle influence on our emotional states. In addition, the events that precipitated these memories often hold clues to old beliefs (judgments we made then about life) that may still be affecting us today.

This workshop will review techniques and cautions (this can be dangerous work) for clearing soul fragments. Participants will learn how to use soul fragment information to explore past life experiences and beliefs. The workshop will also include information on how to solve problems at the higher chakra levels, including: how to clear upper chakra links, attachments, high level aura damage, and soul fragment interference.

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