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Senzar Advanced Training

The Latest Poop III

Topics to include:

  • Still bothered by Living Thought Forms? Learn advanced techniques for keeping repeated, unwanted visitors OUT of your energy field, and how to clear the belief codes that cause you to give these people permission to get into your system in the first place.
  • Unconscious label detection---Michele's very latest discovery, and it's a whopper! Have you every wondered why you instantly like some people, but feel uncomfortable with or distinctly dislike others? In this segment of the course you'll learn how we are all seeing "experiential labels" in others, in the form of Senzar symbols, and how these labels cause us to classify someone as a friend or a foe. By identifying and removing the perception of an enemy, our enemies, not so surprisingly, completely disappear.
  • Spirit Unit disconnections in organs, tissue, and other components of the human body, allow for the cesspooling of a wide range of noxious energies. Learn how to locate and repair these disconnections, along with corresponding invasions.
  • Updates on earth energy work. At the National Dowsing Conference Michele met an amazing man named Hans Gertz from Sweden, who has been doing incredible research related to earth grid systems. Michele will share highlights of Hans' research and how this can immediately benefit all of us.
  • Having way too many days of intermittent or chronic brain fog? Get an update on the energies that are riding in on cosmic rays these days.and what you can do to harmonize your system with these energies.

And more!!!!!

Who is qualified to attend?
All “Breaking The Chains That Bind Us” graduates. Advance registration is required.

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