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Senzar Advanced Training

The Latest Poop II


Topics to include:

  • New symbol sets for treating noxious zones, particularly corrupted underground water streams and seismic zones that are creating chronic damage to the Spirit Unit of the Earth.
  • How to use remote sensing to detect energetic trauma spots in your neighborhood, and elsewhere that are affecting your immediate environment and personal well-being. Learn quick and easy techniques for balancing these zones.
  • Michele’s best tricks yet for clearing Living Thought Forms and keeping the unwanted visitors who create them out of your energy field
  • Mental body poisoning – How to detect and clear (several techniques) and why it is critical that you do.
  • How to use auto-correction programs to prevent disturbance from astral germs, mental body poisoning, and more.
  • Befriending the ghouls—it turns out that these characters are extremely proficient at clearing large emotional packages. Learn how to establish a highly beneficial working relationship with the ghouls and reduce Senzar Clearing time significantly.
  • More practice using the Magic Mirror and related tools to clear curses, thought contaminants, chakra invasions and more.
  • Working with Senzar tuners to hold your positive perspective.
  • Welcoming the Seraphim, along with 20 other quick, cheap and highly effective ways to sooth the brain, mind, and body.

Who is qualified to attend?
All “Breaking The Chains That Bind Us” graduates. Advance registration is required.

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