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Senzar Advanced Training

Clearing Codes with

Core Motivation & Inner Journey Methods

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Belief Codes.   If you have not taken this course it is available online and in CD-ROM format.   For more details, click here.

The Senzar Core Motivation Method is an incredibly fast, powerful and effective method for finding and clearing belief codes. This method facilitates the clearing of complex codes by isolating one of  twenty-two primary or "core" motivations that have established a pre-disposition for a belief code to form in the first place.

In this class students will also learn how to do Senzar Image Exchange , an advanced and highly effective method for clearing emotional issues. Often, this method and related inner journey methods are the only techniques that can fully reveal and balance deeply entrenched emotional energies, particularly those from very ancient or especially traumatic past lifetimes.

In this process, students will learn how to tell the difference between visualization, mental associations, and true "seership", which is the skill one needs to cultivate for image exchange and inner journey methods to be effective.

The Senzar Image Exchange Technique is a stepping stone to the more advanced technique of inner journeying. An inner journey is like a motion picture that you either participate in or watch from the sidelines, depending on the particular subject matter you are addressing. Senzar Inner Journey Methods can be used to clear emotion issues, belief codes, and energetic exchanges from other people.

In this intensive training on Senzar Inner Journey Methods, students will learn:

  • How to properly prepare for an inner journey, including appropriate protection.
  • Several methods for initiating the process to see, symbolically, how emotional energies and beliefs are being held.
  • How to move through the journey without dictating its progress, a fatal error that will negate transformation.
  • Common symbols and signposts and what to do when they appear.
  • How to enlist the aid of benevolent helpers.
  • How to detect when your egos, tricksters and other dark forces are interfering.
  • How to know when the process is complete and full transformation has been achieved...and more!

Course Fee: $147.00