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Healing Human Relationships I

with Instructor Michele Fitzgerald

In this full day workshop you will learn about the role that subconscious belief coding and emotional issues play in dictating the types of relationships you attract into your life. You will also learn why you can so easily harmonize with some people, but not with others.

Whether your troubled relationship is with your spouse, your mother-in-law, a co-worker, a friend, a neighbor or a social acquaintance, this program will help you identify the reasons the relationship has fallen apart---and help you reverse the situation.

Topics include:

How to short-circuiting enemy labels – Learn how we spot “experiential labels” from past lifetimes in each others energy fields, and how these labels cause us to instantly categorize each person we meet as a “friend” or a “foe”.

How to find and collapse belief codes that Mis-I-Dentify you and the people you interact with.
Your subconscious mind holds scores of erroneous definitions of who you are and who “they” are, including how “they” will behave in a relationship with you. Learn how to quickly and easily detect the “I am _______” and “They are _________” codes that are catalyzing undesirable experiences in your relationships.

Learn how stock-piled emotional energy fuels the fire that deteriorates relationships. You’ll also learn how to quickly and easily clear the emotional charge that is igniting your relationship problems.

The companion class to this program, Healing Relationships II, addresses a phenomenon called “chakra linking” and the incredible influence this situation can have on relationships. The program also addresses external influences that can impact relationships---and how to deal with them. While it is not required that you bundle these two courses, it is highly recommended that you do.

For more information on Healing Relationships II, click here.

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