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October 2 & 3, 2018 in Sedona

Breaking the Chains that Bind Us

with instructor Michele Fitzgerald

All human beings experience energetic exchanges and psychic/emotional entanglements with other people, with places, and with objects on a very regular basis. These exchanges accelerate the aging process, play a role in the development of physical and mental health issues, and catalyze many other undesirable circumstances.

Thought form transfers, emotional imprinting, psychic attacks, chakra links, gravity wave diversions, sibling webs, curses, and astral plane connections are just a few of the many types of energetic exchanges that you have probably already (unknowingly) engaged in during the course of your life.

All of these situations are influential--sometimes for hours, sometimes for days, sometimes for decades. The effect of an energetic exchange or entanglement can be very minor, like a pain in your back that suddenly appears and then disappears the next day. Or, the effect can be excruciating, like your whole life crumbling to pieces and staying in pieces for years.

Noted below is a story that highlights how impacting these energetic situations can be:

Who Would Have Guessed It?

A number of years ago I met a man who had almost given up on life. Just eight years earlier he had owned a thriving business, had loads of money in the bank, and lived in a beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood. He was in perfect health and had been physically fit his entire life. He was active in his church and the community, and had a fulfilling family and social life.

Then, almost overnight, his situation went from the picture noted above to a living hell. At the time of our meeting, he was deeply depressed and was suffering from chronic fatigue and severe fibromyalgia. He had extreme nervousness and high blood pressure. He had withdrawn from society and had no significant relationships. Not even a pet. He had sold his business and had spent his fortune seeking help from top doctors around the country, including allopathic specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and a wide variety of naturopathic physicians and alternative healers. Now he was living in an old trailer in the poorest part of town. What happened to this guy???

The root of this man's complete life shift was an active energetic entanglement that had been initiated eight years prior when he was chakra linked at the 4th and 7th chakras by the minister of his church...of which he was no longer even a member.

After clearing the chakra link and invasive energies that had entered his energetic system during the linking period, his life and health were completely transformed. His blood pressure normalized and he was able to eliminate all medication. His fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and depression vanished. Within a year of clearing the link and associated energies, he started a new business. The positive turnaround in his life was even more rapid than the negative collapse.

Chakra linking is just one of many types of energetic situations that develop between human beings. The effects of chakra linking is rarely as extreme as the story above, but there are always effects, and they are always negative.

Learning how to detect and clear energetic exchanges and active psychic/emotional entanglements is an incredibly beneficial skill to add to your health and well-being tool kit.

This two-day training intensive is the most comprehensive training program available anywhere on this subject. During the course you will review over 60 different ways that non-beneficial energies can be acquired or experienced as a result of energetic exchanges or psychic/emotional entanglements with individuals, groups, places, and objects. You will also learn the best course of remedial action for each of these situations.  

Training materials for this program include a master dowsing chart and detailed course outline that will help you easily pinpoint the type of exchange or entanglement that you are dealing with. Knowing the type of exchange is very useful (and often essential) when it comes to identifying the proper course of action that you will need to take to remedy the situation.


Well-developed dowsing skills and proficiency in basic belief code clearing techniques as reviewed in Chasing the Shadow of Free Will (or equivalent Senzar video trainings) are required to participate in this course. Completion of the Image Exchange Method is also required. If you don't know the Image Exchange technique, please advise Michele after you register for this workshop. She'll send you a free outline of this method, so you can learn and practice this clearing technique in advance of the workshop.

October 2 & 3, 2018 in Sedona
Registration Fee: $450

Class size is limited to 8 students. Register ASAP to guarantee your participation.

Register for Advanced Code Busting and for Breaking the Chains That Bind Us, and save $150. Purchase your bundled workshop package below: