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Breaking the Chains that Bind Us

with instructor Michele Fitzgerald 

We frequently acquire the thoughts and feelings of others through many types of subtle energy exchanges. These acquired energies regularly serve as fuel to power our own belief codes, often jump-starting and perpetuating the manifestation of undesirable life experiences.  

Acquired energies can affect you instantly and dramatically, rapidly inducing fatigue and pain states, unexplained depression, frustration, anger, anxiety, and more.   The worst part, however, is that many of these exchanges can catapult you into life experiences that mirror the experiences of the person or group you acquired the energies from. 

As an example, if the group you acquire the energies from is experiencing financial difficulties, you may rapidly start experiencing shifts in your financial affairs.  If an exchange occurs between you and someone who is having marital diffficulties, you may find yourself suddenly engaged in conflict situations with your spouse, romantic partners, or even your business partners.     

This four hour audio training program will heighten your awareness of the world of energetic exchange and help you more quickly identify and clear those thoughts and feelings that do not belong to you.    During the course you will review over 40 different ways that non-beneficial energies can be acquired (from individual, groups, places, and objects) and what your best course of remedial action is with each of these situations.  

A master dowsing chart associated with these many exchanges is provided with the course to simplify the identification of exchanges. Knowing the type of exchange that you have acquired is very useful (sometimes essential) when it comes to identifying the proper course of action to take to clear the bothersome energies.  I use this chart almost every day in my detective work with myself and clients to pinpoint causal factors behind challenging life experiences.


Proficiency in basic belief code clearing techniques as reviewed in Chasing the Shadow of Free Will and completion of Senzar Symbols Training.

Price: $245.00

Includes the 4 hour recorded training program delivered by email in MP3 format for immediate download, along with a detailed course outline, master dowsing chart, and other related course materials (PDF files).

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Breaking Chains