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Who's Who at Your Garden Party?

Open the Door to an Amazing World and Start Making New Friends Today!

Behind the scenes in the Nature Kingdom

This wonderful video training program will surely feed your soul. Even if you are not a gardener, learning about the special beings who occupy the land and tend to the plant life all around you will change your perspective of life on Earth forever. Feel the wonder and awe of interfacing with this special realm and learn how you can open communication channels with these beings for a lifetime of extraordinary experiences.

In this heart-boosting video training program you will learn:

  • About the wide variety of invisible beings who occupy forests and gardens, including tree spirits, elementals, fairies, trolls, and many more.
  • How to initiate communication with these beings and start cultivating friendships.
  • How to develop mutually beneficial relationships that will enhance plant health and crop yields.
  • Some of the awesome experiences you can look forward to...and more!
  • Your Instructor:
    Nature Kingdom Liaison
    Michele Fitzgerald

    Michele Fitzgerald

    Read more about Michele

    You'll find this video in the Senzar Video Vault, along with many other programs about working with the Nature Kingdom.