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Is the Power of Your Heart Shining Through?

The power of the human heart is amazing. When in top form, this vital organ supports the wellness of every part of the physical body. On a subtle energy level, the heart contributes to the manifestation process of our life experiences, to our sense of connection to others and to Nature, to our intuitive clarity and capacity, and much more.

When the full power of your heart is shining through, life is filled with an incredible array of positive experiences, including:

  • You feel energized, enthused, and confident
  • You feel a strong sense of personal power
  • You look younger, lighter, and brighter
  • It's easier to lose weight and stay in good physical shape
  • You have no fears about your present conditions or your future
  • Your daily thoughts and emotions are free of blame, self-pity, and resentment
  • You rarely experience colds, the flu, other illnesses or accidents
  • You feel you have plenty or can easily create more of whatever you need
  • You achieve your goals quickly and easily
  • You like yourself and most other people, and tend to attract people who like you
  • Forgiveness comes easily for you...and more!

If you are not experiencing all these things, it's time to start caring for your heart a bit differently than you've probably done in the past.

Managing the physical well-being of the heart with diet, exercise and other action steps will certainly help your heart, but the real key to achieving all of the above is to pay particular attention to the subtle energy aspects of this precious organ.

In this 4-hour online workshop you will learn how to monitor, manage, and upgrade the subtle energies of the heart. This workshop is a recorded program. You'll have the flexibility to view the video anytime you want, and as many times as you want for a full year. Course content includes:

  • Learn how to detect energetic entanglements that can crash the energetic well-being
    of your heart in seconds.

  • Learn about current earth energies that are scrambling the subtle fields of the heart, along with easy tricks for reversing any damage.
  • Learn how to measure the strength and integrity of the electromagnetic field
    (EMF) of your heart by using dowsing or muscle-testing. The value of keeping this vital energetic component of your heart in top form cannot be overstated. You'll receive an easy to dowse, 30-point check list of common situations that are often at the root of EMF dysfunction, along with recommended corrections. You can use this information to do your own EMF Tune-Ups.
  • Learn how to measure and manage your heart's Light Reflectivity, which expresses the quality of the energetic blueprint that underlies the physical organ. If this blueprint decays, physical heart disease and energetic/emotional DIS-EASE will follow.
  • Learn strategies for beating depression, a highly disruptive frequency that
    blows out the flame of the heart.
  • Learn about other negative emotions that put a huge burden on the heart. Interestingly, these feelings are often so subtle, most people don't consciously feel them, or easily numb them out.
  • Learn which positive emotions are the most powerful tonics for optimal heart function.

This workshop is offered once a year only, usually in the first quarter of the year. The enrollment window for the 2018 course has already closed. Make sure to add your name to the Senzar Subscriber List so you will get announcements about the many comprehensive workshops that Michele offers each year, and so you will receive invitations to her free monthly seminars.

Workshop Prerequisites: 

Well-developed dowsing or muscle testing skills are required for this program. You must be proficient at getting "yes/no" responses and doing chart dowsing. If you want to get started right away with some excellent shorter courses that can help you better manage the subtle energy aspects of your heart, buy a Senzar Video Key and start working your way through the many related programs in the Senzar Video Vault, including: Back to the Basics; Repairing Your Aura; Heart Smarts and Your Vagus Nerve; Color Me Purple; 60 Seconds to a New You; Clearing Trapped Emotions; Subconscious Sabotage; and more.