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Cracking Belief Codes Case Study

I Can't Breathe Through My Nose

The Situation:

A 25 year old female client came to see me because she had experienced a lifelong difficulty breathing through her nose. She breathed almost exclusively through her mouth, even when sleeping, and could only breathe through her nose by making a strong conscious effort to do so. She had no physical dysfunction that would explain the problem.

After a few minutes of dowsing, I determined that the cause of the problem was the result of three belief codes---two codes from past lives and one code that my client had inherited from her father in this lifetime.

The first past life setting:

This past life setting was approximately 800 years ago and my client was in a female body. I started by gathering word clues about the situation, using dowsing and other intuitive skills. The clues included the following words: Beserk, betrayed, breathless, church, condemn, deceive, hypocrite, mindless, peculiar, smothered, tortured, villain, and drawn and quartered. I thought this last word clue was very odd. It also had the most emotional charge connected with it.

The original code was structured like this:

Unless a man exhales (releases his last breath), he cannot be drawn and quartered ("cannot" meaning that it is against the rules).

At the time this code "set", my client was a small child and she was present at an event where a man was being drawn and quartered. The crowd was going beserk because the man was still alive when this was happening. I did some research on this and found it was most common for the victim to be dead before the body was cut up and dragged around.  So, basically, the villains were breaking the torture rules of the time, leading to the heated emotions in the crowd and the idea that "they cannot do this".

The original code adapted as follows:

Unless a man can no longer inhale (meaning, "unless a man is dead"), he cannot be drawn and quartered.


If a man inhales, he can be drawn and quartered.

My client's final version:

If I breathe in, I will be drawn and quartered.

Note that, most commonly, when we think of inhaling, we think of drawing the breath in through the nose.

The second past life code:

This lifetime was approximately 120 years ago and my client was a male who drowned in a boating accident.

The original code:

If I breathe in (the water), I will die.

The adapted version:

If I breathe in, I will die.

The third code was an inherited code:

My client inherited the code from her father, who inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his father. who inherited it from his father. So, the original code was set by my client's great, great grandfather over a hundred years ago.

The circumstances involved mining and the potential of death from gas fumes. Clues included the following words: Breathless, escape, killed, trapped.

The original code:

If a person breathes in (the gas) they will die.

My client's adapted version:

If I breathe in, I will die.

Again, the idea of breathing in is linked to the most common way of breathing in, or smelling, which is done through the nose.

The Outcome:

Once the three codes were deciphered, I simply asked my client if she understood that breathing in through her nose would not kill her today--that perhaps she or one of her relatives had died in the past from breathing in water or gas, but not from breathing in normal air through the nose. I concluded the session by asking, "Do you understand that you can breathe in through your nose and stay alive?".   She said "Yes" and then took a breath through her nose. She continues to breathe through her nose with no conscious effort to this day.

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