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Cracking Belief Codes Case Study


My client, a thirty-something housewife, scheduled a belief codes clearing session because she was having problems at home that had escalated out of control. In recent months she had become incredibly resentful of doing simple domestic tasks such as cleaning the house or driving her children back and forth from school. She was having severe mood swings, she was fighting with her husband almost daily, and was continually snapping at her children. In reviewing her situation, I found that there was a single past life belief code driving her behavior pattern.

The Past Life Setting:

My client's past life experience occured about 110 years ago. At the time, she was a young girl of eight, and she was witnessing the stoning of a prostitute.

The original code was structured like this:

Prostitution is a sin. Prostitutes will go to hell.

The original code adapted as follows:

Whores (a synonym for "prostitute") will go to hell.

Over my years of doing belief code decryption, I have found that many of the most problematic belief codes have become problematic due to a process of vocabulary adaptation. Vocabulary adaptation is where one word or idea from an original code becomes equivalent to another word or idea. Synonyms are common adaptations, but there are many other ways that words or ideas adapt and become something totally different at the subconscious level.

In my client's case, words that sounded alike or were spelled almost alike became equivalents. The word "whore" became equivalent to the word "chore". Of course, another relationship here is that "whoring" is a type of work, which connects to one of the meanings of "chore".

My client's final version of the code:

If you do chores you will go to hell.

The idea of "going to hell" was linked to the idea of "stoned to death", a pretty gruesome life experience that gave my client an especially strong emotional charge on this subject.

Of special note is the situation that woke up this code. Belief codes are not always active. They will only be awakened (which initiates the manifestation process) when we think about, or experience, or observe something in the present that relates to our experiences in the past and the related coding we crafted at that time.

In this case, my client's children had finally reached an age where they were occupied with so many of their own activities that my client found herself with a lot of free time. She decided to invest some of that time in her spiritual growth and started taking steps in that direction. When her subconscious mind checked her rules on spiritual development (= go to heaven), it found the above code, which was in direct conflict with the goal that my client was trying to achieve.

The Outcome:

Upon clearing the code my client's symptoms immediately disappeared. She continued on her spiritual path, with no further negative reaction to doing chores.

Why does the mind so easily swap the meaning of words or ideas? Well, at least part of the answer might involve the interesting discovery noted below.


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