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Cracking Belief Codes Case Study

The English vs. The Irish


One month out from a training trip to England and Scotland, my English sponsor called to inform me that only one student (an American) had registered for the courses I was planning to teach.

On the same day, I got an email from my Scottish sponsor who said the therapy center that was going to pay my fees had evaluated their budget and decided they could not afford to pay for the classes. Employees who wanted to attend would have to pay the fees themselves. My sponsor was worried that this would have a negative impact on attendance and told me that she would need to have a meeting with everyone to see how many of them still wanted to attend.

I immediately went to work on finding any belief codes that I might have, or that either of my sponsors might have that could attract this experience. I found two codes, one of my own and one that belonged to my English sponsor.

My code:

I inherited this code from my father, who inherited the code through the family line, 5 generations back. The setting was in Ireland. My great, great grandfather was very angry about a situation where "the English" would not help his group, "the Irish", pay for the expansion of a school building.

My grandfather's judgment that day (which became a belief code):

"We cannot get them (the English) to help us."

Adapted codes:

"We cannot get support (money) from the English."

"We cannot do business with the English."

My sponsor's code:

My sponsor inherited her code from her father, who inherited it from his father. The setting was in England. Her grandfather, who crafted the code, was three years old at the time and was listening to his father who was very angry about the English government loaning money to Ireland for development.

The belief code inherited by my sponsor:

"We should not be giving money to the Irish to develop their country"

Adapted version:

"We should not be giving money to the Irish for development."

I called my English sponsor, told her about the code, and immediately cleared it.

Of special interest is the fact that I had been to England to do training before and I had received money from "the English" on those occassions. On this particular trip, however, I was going to teach classes about goal setting and achievement, or how to use the positive energy spectrum to create or "develop" more success in any area of life. On prior trips, all the training had been focused on clearing away roadblocks to success.

The Outcome:

The day after clearing the codes I received a call from my Scottish sponsor. She said the meeting went extremely well, in fact, so well, it surprised her. Not only did everyone want to attend the training, they asked her to find out the maximum number of people I would allow in the class.

At the same time, registrations for the class in England started materializing from obscure sources. As an example, the day after the clearing, my sponsor called to schedule a hair appointment, but her regular hairdresser was not available. She decided to go to a new shop and during the process of having her hair cut, the new hairdresser learned about my classes and registers on the spot.

Within the 10 days that followed the clearing, my English sponsor registered 16 people. The Scottish group continued to grow and by the time I arrived, it was the largest group I ever taught these particular classes to. This trip was the most successful UK training venture I had ever done and was highly profitable (supportive).

It appears I can do business with the English, or anyone else for that matter, and receive any type of support I need or want, any time I want, from all of them!

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