Survive and Thrive as A Highly Sensitive Person

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Survive & THRIVE

As a Highly Sensitive Person
in Today's World

A Message From your Course Instructor
Michele Fitzgerald

I have always been a highly sensitive person. If you read the checklist below, every one of those statements is true about me, or was true at one time.

It's a challenging situation, for sure, but I've learned how to not only survive in today's world with my sensitivities, I am thriving.

I am in excellent physical health and I've got more energy than anyone I know.   I am highly productive and currently managing two successful businesses.  I travel frequently, despite airport stressors and other energetic exposures that would flatten most highly sensitive people for days.  I love modern technology and spend time around electronic equipment regularly.   I have even cultivated increased resilience in the presence of WiFi and SmartPhones, which is a really a big deal for me, as I suffered from extreme electromagnetic-hypersensitivity for over 15 years.

I don't want to mislead you. Getting to where I am at today in this sensitive form of mine has not been an easy task. I've had to learn a lot, and I work daily to keep my body and energetic system in top condition. I still get knocked about by various exposures from time to time, but I know what to do to recover quickly.

Bottom-line, I am highly functional in today's world and I feel secure in my movement through life. My sensitivities are not holding me back - instead, they are enhancing almost everything I do. In this training program, I'll share my best tips with you on how to achieve the same.

How Do You Know If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person?

If many of the statements below are true about you, then you probably are:
  • Noisy environments make me tense, irritable, or nervous.
  • I often get agitated or fatigued at airports, shopping malls, or super-stores.
  • Exposure to cell phones and WiFi causes me discomfort, such as burning eyes or tongue, headaches, agitation, memory lapses, sleep disruption.
  • I have chemical sensitivities and/or food allergies.
  • I often become severely fatigued, for no apparent reason.
  • I can sense the emotions of others easily, including animals.
  • I can often feel the body pains that other people are experiencing.
  • I often wake up and feel extremely anxious, for no apparent reason.
  • If someone has an anger outburst, it really jolts me, even if it's not directed at me.
  • I notice and feel many things in environments that other people don't see or sense.
  • I often feel aches, pain, or fatigue after I spend time with certain individuals or groups.
  • If I see a violent or sad movie, it can take days to get the images out of my mind.
  • I often suffer from insomnia or disrupted sleep.
  • If I don't create enough quite time for myself, I get agitated, fatigued, or overwhelmed.
Super-sensitivity can be a tremendous asset or a major, joy-depleting, energy-sucking deficit in life. Whether you become the victim of your sensitivities or turn them into a valuable, life-enhancing tool depends largely on how you manage your body, your mind, and your environments.

In this 5-part online video training series, you'll not only learn how to cope with and reduce your sensitivities, you'll also learn how to use your sensitive nature to your advantage to THRIVE in today's world.

What You Will Learn:

Session I (1:45 hrs) - The Roots of Your Sensitivities - Learn about the common traits of the highly sensitive person, and about the past life and present life situations that are the likely sources of your highly sensitive nature.

Session II (2:00 hrs) - New Routines and Wellness Strategies - Review new daily routines you will need to establish; skills you will need to develop; tools, supplements, and therapies that are likely to be helpful to you; and lifestyle changes that would be advisable if you want to thrive as a highly sensitive person in today's world.

Session III (2:20 hrs) - The Sensitive Person and High Technology - Highly sensitive people are often significantly stressed by the man-made electromagnetic exposures that have become nearly impossible to avoid in our day-to-day lives. Learning how to comfortably co-exist in a world of SmartPhones, WiFi, SmartMeters, and more will greatly enhance your health, your vital energy, your memory and mental abilities, and more.

Session IV (2:00 hrs) - Dealing with Earth Energies and Cosmic Forces - Learn about earthly and cosmic influences that can cause the highly sensitive person to experience aches, pains, devastating fatigue, restless sleep, and more. We will also review simple strategies that you can implement to eliminate or greatly minimize these uncomfortable symptoms.

Session V (3:00 hrs) - Coping With Human Energies - Exposure to human energy fields and the energetic exchanges that frequently occur between humans are often the most impacting situations of all for the highly sensitive person. This last training segment is only an introduction to this gigantic topic, but will providing you with some incredibly helpful strategies that you can put into action immediately, including:

  • Quick tricks for dealing with energy vampires
  • How to overcoat yourself with positive energies to minimize energy exchanges with individuals, groups, & environments
  • Easy-to-use tools and focused intention techniques that will help you quickly patch up your rattled or damaged energy field

Bonus Recording - In addition to the five video training modules noted above, you'll also get a 90 minute audio recording of a fantastic Q & A session that followed the original, live presentation of this training series. The students who participated in this session asked loads of great questions. all of which you will benefit from immensely.

Prerequisites - There are no prerequisites to participate in this seminar series, however, basic dowsing or muscle testing skills will help you make the most of what you learn in this program. If you don't know how to dowse, get started today. For a free basic dowsing lesson, click here.

Computer Requirements - A high-speed internet connection is required to view the live bonus training and the video recordings for this course. You can view the video recordings on your desktop or laptop computer, and most mobile devices.

Registration Fee: $347

Your registration fee includes one year of unlimited online access to the video recordings of the complete 5-part seminar series, a permanent copy (MP3) of the bonus Q & A audio recording, and loads of related course materials, including copies of the slide presentations for all training modules.