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A Return to Oneness

Summer Solstice - Southwest Ireland, June 16 - 23, 2018

Connect with the Heart of Nature in Magical Cork and Kerry

Communing with the delightful beings of Nature's seen and unseen realms is a wonderful and nearly effortless way to fully open your heart, heal your body and Soul, and experience a profound sense of loving connectedness with everyone and everything, including your deepest Self.

Trees and Their Helpers

During this week-long program we will visit with hundreds of trees in some of the most amazing forests and garden sanctuaries in Ireland. Trees are tremendously wise and hugely generous in their willingness to communicate with humans. Connecting with the heart and Soul of a tree restores the memory of your infinite nature as Spirit and your Oneness with everything.

Stone Circles and Other Wonders

Counties Cork and Kerry host the largest number of stone circles in Ireland. The ancient people who engineered these monuments thousands of years ago were deeply connected with the Nature Kingdom and highly skilled at communicating with Nature intelligences. We will visit several awesome stone circles during our week together, including two that have solstice alignments. Tuning to the cosmic forces and earth energies that merge at these sites is an extraordinary experience.

Words of Praise From Previous Participants

The "Return to Oneness" trip was truly wonderful and unforgettable. Michele's planning and organization was a marvel. New friends, luxurious lodging, old-soul trees, cosmic stones...this was a fabulous journey. I believe Michele knows Ireland better than many locals. I highly recommend this enchanting trip. Absolutely five stars out of five!  Susan K., California

This was my fourth trip to Ireland with Michele and it just gets better and better.   Always fresh, always enlightening, always filled with outstanding experiences in whatever part of the country we are exploring, always an upgrade in my connection to myself and others, and always exceptional lodging and food. In summary, an Ireland experience with Michele will far exceed your wildest expectations. Sydney P., Arizona

Our Home for the Week

Our home for the week will be Silver Birch Lodge in the idyllic Irish town of Glengarriff. Famed for its natural beauty, Glengarriff is situated 'where the mountains meet the sea', on world-renowned Bantry Bay.

This Five-Star vacation rental property boasts breathtaking views overlooking Glengarriff harbour, and is literally a few minutes stroll from the seashore. Set on 40 acres of lush vegetation and woodland, this luxury holiday lodge is a dream destination that you'll enjoy immensely.

Words of Praise From Previous Participants

Dear Michele, thank you for Ireland! It was such a wonderful "Return to Oneness" experience in every way. Each day was filled with new experiences, information, people, and places. We were mentally and emotionally stimulated and elevated. Thank you for the spiritual role you played in guiding our daily adventures and the profound bonding experiences that we had. Our lives have been forever changed by all of this. Marilyn & Mike, Arizona

It was an amazing week with Michele and other like-minded folks and I came home changed in so many good ways. I learned to listen to the trees and have enjoyed a wonderful new relationship with the trees in my own yard that I didn't know I could have. My intuition is clearer and my inner vision is more apparent and accurate. I loved the stone circles - especially Uragh with the waterfall backdrop and Ardgroom where we mingled with the trolls. Memories of them tug at my heart and I want to go back.
Caren M., Nevada

The Special Places We'll Visit

  • Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve - The setting of this woodlands is spectacular, with the woods nestled in a sheltered glen opening out into Glengarriff Harbor. Here you will merge with the wisdom and healing power of oak trees, holly, mushrooms, and more, as we meander through the woods and stroll along the banks of the Glengarriff River.
  • Garnish Island- Also known as Ilnacullin (island of holly), this island is world renowned for its gardens, which include many exotic species who flourish in the mild humid micro-climate of Glengarriff Harbour. A hundred years ago a few enlightened individuals with a deep love of Nature decided to create this place. The spot was mostly a barren hunk of rock before then. What you will see here is what happens when man unites with Nature in a loving, working partnership. Thousands of nature spirits helped with the job and remain to this day, tending after the many trees, plants, and flowers.
  • Killarney National Park
    Encompassing over 25,000 acres of diverse ecology, this park includes the Lakes of Killarney, oak and yew woodlands of international importance, and the tallest mountains in the country. The park hosts the most extensive covering of native forest left in Ireland and there are many invisible forest helpers who live here.
  • Muckross House, Abbey, and Gardens
    This nineteenth century Victorian mansion and expansive gardens are set against the extraordinary beauty of Killarney National Park and Muckross Lake. The estate is home to a number of Ireland's heritage trees, including the awe-inspiring, 500 year old Friary Yew.
  • Blarney Castle and Rock Close - A visit to Blarney Castle is a very touristy thing to do, but not to be missed. For the bold, you can kiss the legendary Blarney Stone and start your collection of great stories to tell when you get home. We'll photograph you to prove that you did it. Lesser know on the castle estate is an enchanting garden called Rock Close. Graced with ancient yews and other incredible trees, you'll be totally mesmerized by this place.
  • Kenmare - This adorable country town is dotted with vibrant colored buildings and nestled between the mountains and sea. Kenmare is my favorite town in all of Ireland, filled with delightful people, fabulous restaurants, lively pubs, and shops. We'll visit on market day, which is especially fun. Local vendors set up their tables along the main street, selling crafts, artwork, homemade jams, cheeses, and more.
  • Beara Stone Circles
    The Beara Peninsula is extraordinarily beautiful and home to some of the most intriguing stone circles in Ireland. We'll visit several of these ancient wonders, including the circles at Uragh and Ardgroom. These circles are back-dropped by some of the most stunning landscapes in all of Ireland. Ardgroom is especially interesting, as a group of trolls occupy the site. You'll have the opportunity to do vocal toning at all of the circles, the results of which will surprise and delight you.
  • Ballycrovane Ogham Stone This off-the-beaten-track monolith is thought to be a bronze age standing stone with the ogham added at a later date. The stone holds a commanding position over the countryside and Kenmare Bay, and is believed to be the tallest ogham stone in the world. You will marvel at its size and how well preserved the ogham markings still are. You'll learn loads about ogham on this trip, including how to write your name in this ancient Celtic language.

  • Sneem Fairy Forest and Holy Well
    This is a magical place and home to hundreds of fairies. There is a sacred spring and holy well along the forest trail with powerful healing energy - you will surely be able to feel it. If you know someone who needs healing energy (maybe you?), you'll have the opportunity to say a prayer and tie a cloutie to perpetuate your intention.
  • Glanmore Lake & the Healy Gap
    This is one of the most stunningly beautiful places you will ever see. After a photo stop at Healy Gap and a visit to the Shroenbirran stone circle, we'll enjoy a leisurely and delicious lunch at Josie's, which sits high on a hill overlooking the spectacular lake and valley below.

  • Words of Praise From Previous Participants

    In one week, our experiences in western Ireland with Michele deepened our relationship within our marriage of 37 years. Bob's spiritual exchange with the the Friary Yew still stirs his heart and my newfound ability to sense cosmic energy at the stone circles was thrilling - almost beyond belief. It seemed we were always in sight of water and we especially enjoyed the glassy view of the bay from Silver Birch. Michele has an impeccable skill with coordination and detail. Every day included just the right balance of scheduled time and space for rest and refection. She even brought in two local musicians to Silver Birch one night so we could enjoy Celtic music. Kathleen & Bob, Vermont

    P.S. All Your Meals Are Included On This Trip

    No need to worry about where you're going to eat, or how much extra money you'll need to bring to cover food costs. You'll enjoy scrumptious breakfasts every morning at Silver Birch while overlooking Glengarriff Bay; we'll lunch at outstanding pubs and restaurants along our daily route (order whatever you'd like); and you'll finish each day with an exceptional dinner, prepared exclusively for our group by a wonderful local chef.

    Your Tour Guide and Field Instructor

    This is our 2015 group. I'm the redhead in the middle, Michele Fitzgerald. With the assistance of many helpers from the Nature Kingdom, I'll be serving as your tour leader, teacher, and spiritual guide for the 2018 Return to Oneness program. I look forward to sharing this spectacular learning adventure with you. This experience will inspire you, awe you, and stimulate every part of your being. As you read in the comments from previous participants, this amazing week in Ireland is likely to change your life forever.

    Words of Praise From Previous Participants

    We visited many wonderful and off-the-beaten-track places, all of which were given far more meaning by Michele's breadth of knowledge and on-the-spot insight. Apart from these special places, a highlight of this trip was simply the shared experience of being 'on tour' with Michele and a group of energetically sensitive, respectful, people. Until now we've felt on our own in our sensitivities and subtle energy experiences, but when a whole coach-load of people simultaneously experience similar sensations and feelings at a particular place, you know - it's not just me! This was an invaluable learning experience that we will treasure forever. Neil & Grazia, Scotland

    Cost to Participate: $2,675 per person

    Package price includes all lodging costs and ground transportation throughout the 7 day program, including pick-up and return to the Cork Airport or Jury's Inn in Cork City (5 minutes from the bus station and 10 minutes from the Cork airport) on our start and ending days. Price also includes all meals during the same period and entrance fees to all attractions that require such. Package price does not include airfare to Ireland or ground transportation from airport to airport if you decide to fly into Dublin or Shannon instead of Cork (our meeting point).

    Rate per person is based on double-occupancy room accommodation. Several premium, sea-view rooms are available for an upgrade fee of $350.

    A $500 initial deposit is due before June 30, 2017 to reserve your space, with the remaining balance payable in three payments over the following nine months. All fees are non-refundable once paid.

    Group size is limited to 11 students. You qualify to participate in this program if you are an active Senzar student, meaning, you regularly participate in on-going Senzar programs, like the free, monthly online seminars I offer, and/or you have participated in one or more specialty workshops over the past two years. Your nature-loving, congenial, spiritually oriented spouse is welcome to join you, whether he/she is a Senzar student or not.

    To participate you must be in good physical shape, as we will be walking at least 2-3 miles every day.

    If you are interested in participating, email me at senzar@sedonaportal.com or call the Senzar Learning Center at (928) 204-0592.

    Other Helpful Information

    We will be meeting at Jury's Inn in Cork City on the morning of June 16, 2018. To check flight costs to Cork from your area, click here.  Alternatively, you can fly into the Shannon Airport or the Dublin Airport, and take a bus from either to Cork. Once you formally enroll in this program, you'll receive a detailed information packet from me that provides loads of information on how to best prepare for this trip.

    If you have never been to Ireland before, or even if you have, I would highly recommend that you make the most of your airfare cost and spend a few extra days, or even an extra week in the country, before or after your adventures with me in Cork and Kerry. Ireland is an extraordinary place and you'll enjoy every extra minute you experience there. I am happy to suggest things to do and special places to visit if you do decide to stay longer.