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The Dos & Don'ts of Reading the Future

  Welcome to the world's biggest and best resource            for training on
intuition & subtle energies!

Senzar Learning Center is the world's largest provider of online training programs about intuition, subtle energies, and how to bridge the seen and unseen realms for practical and spiritual benefits in everyday life. Participate in live online training sessions or get a key to the Senzar Video Vault, a massive collection of outstanding recorded seminars. You'll learn how use intuition and subtle energies to:

  • Achieve more of your goals
  • Stay healthy & fully energized
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth
  • Bolster your career & finances
  • Explore unseen realms
  • Balance environmental energies
  • Communicate with animals
  • Purge yourself of psychic goo
  • Explore past lives...and more!

Senzar's online training format allows you to participate from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and a high-speed internet connection!

Current Senzar Learning Opportunities

Participate in Free Online Training Every Month

Add your name to the Senzar mailing list and gain access to free online training every month.    View a free sample by clicking on the button above.

Get a Key to the Senzar Video Vault

Learn at your own pace and preferred schedule by getting a key to the Senzar Video Vault. The vault is loaded with 60+ top Senzar videos at all times, with at least one new title rotated into the collection each month. Another 40 seminar topics are available in the Senzar Audio Archives, and there are many specialty and advanced training programs available, too.

Join the Senzar Fitness Club

The Senzar Fitness Club is a virtual gymnasium for the soul, ideal for intuitives and self-growth enthusiasts who want to move the next level.  Gain access to cutting-edge club webinars each month, intuitive guidance through the monthly Practical Magic program, huge discounts on recorded training programs, and more!

Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime!
Senzar Field Studies

Gain first-hand knowledge and experience using dowsing and other intuitive skills to investigate subtle energy activity (and more) at some of the most amazing power spots and sacred sites on our planet.

Sacred Science of the Ancients
Loughcrew, Ireland - Autumnal Equinox, 2014